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Apply to the Applicant Support Program

The Applicant Support Program (ASP) Application System is coming soon!

The intent of the ASP is to make the New gTLD Program: Next Round application and evaluation processes and fees more accessible to entities that would like to operate a registry but would otherwise be unable to apply, because of financial and resource constraints.

General Information:

The following figure provides a high-level overview of the phases an ASP applicant can expect to progress through during the ASP application evaluation process.

Chart outlining the steps involved in the Applicant Support Program evaluation process.

The ASP application process consists of five main steps:

Applicant generates account in ASP Application System.
Step 1: Register.
Step 2: Access application materials.

Applicant submits application materials.
Step 3: Submit application.

ICANN org conducts general business due diligence screening and Support Applicant Review Panel (SARP) conducts evaluations.
Step 4: Evaluation process

Results communicated to applicants; qualified applicants receive access to fee reduction and other forms of support.
Step 5: Evaluation results

For more information about these steps, please refer to the ASP Handbook.