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New gTLD Program: Next Round

Next Round

The New gTLD Program: Next Round is expected to open in April 2026. This timing is based on Policy Implementation work, which is estimated to conclude in May 2025 with the completion of the Applicant Guidebook (AGB). The AGB serves as the essential rule book for the program. Once the AGB has been completed, ICANN estimates it will take approximately one year to operationalize the process and open the application period.

The next round of the program seeks to foster diversity, encourage competition, and enhance the utility of the DNS.

In preparing for the next round, the 2012 Round webpage offers resources that applicants to the New gTLD Program: Next Round may find useful, including the 2012 AGB.

New gTLD Program: Next Round Application Submission Period opens April 2026 and closes September 2026. Applicant Support Program Application Submission Period opens Q4 2024 and closes Q4 2025. Registry Service Provider Evaluation Program Pre-Evaluation application submission period opens November 2024 and closes May 2025. Another RSP evaluation period opens and closes during the gTLD application submission periods.

*The New gTLD application submission period is projected to open April 2026 for 12-15 weeks.
** The RSP pre-evaluation submission period is projected to open on 19 November 2024 and close on 20 May 2025. The second evaluation period is projected to open in April 2026 for 12-15 weeks, concurrent with the opening of the Next Round application submission window.
Dates are subject to change.