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Full Variant Set LGRs

Second-Level Label Generation Rules (LGRs) with Full Variant Set

ICANN has developed second-level Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) tables in machine-readable format or Label Generation Rules (LGRs) with full variant sets so RSPs may use them to expedite IDN Evaluation.

These LGRs have been developed using the Second-Level Reference Label Generation Rules with full variant sets to accommodate any combination of the languages and scripts offered under a TLD. If you have questions or feedback regarding these LGRs, please send an email to

Second-Level LGR with Full Variant Sets

The package of all LGRs is available here [Coming Soon].

Script-based LGRs

NameLanguage Tag1LGR Document
Arabicund-Arab[Coming Soon]
Armenianund-Armn[Coming Soon]
Bangla (Bengali)und-Beng[Coming Soon]
Cyrillicund-Cyrl[Coming Soon]
Devanagariund-Deva[Coming Soon]
Ethiopicund-Ethi[Coming Soon]
Georgianund-Geor[Coming Soon]
Greekund-Grek[Coming Soon]
Gujaratiund-Gujr[Coming Soon]
Gurmukhiund-Guru[Coming Soon]
Hebrewund-Hebr[Coming Soon]
Japaneseund-Jpan[Coming Soon]
Kannadaund-Knda[Coming Soon]
Khmerund-Khmr[Coming Soon]
Laound-Laoo[Coming Soon]
Latinund-Latn[Coming Soon]
Malayalamund-Mlym[Coming Soon]
Myanmarund-Mymr[Coming Soon]
Oriyaund-Orya[Coming Soon]
Sinhalaund-Sinh[Coming Soon]
Tamilund-Taml[Coming Soon]
Teluguund-Telu[Coming Soon]
Thaiund-Thai[Coming Soon]

1: The prefix 'und' (Undetermined) identifies linguistic content whose language is not determined. Please see RFC5646 for details of the language tag syntax and IANA language sub tag registry for the available language tags.

Language-based LGRs

NameLanguage Tag2LGR Document
Arabicar[Coming Soon]
Belarusianbe[Coming Soon]
Bosnian (Cyrillic)bs-Cyrl[Coming Soon]
Bosnian (Latin)bs[Coming Soon]
Bulgarianbg[Coming Soon]
Chinesezh[Coming Soon]
Danishda[Coming Soon]
Englishen[Coming Soon]
Finnishfi[Coming Soon]
Frenchfr[Coming Soon]
Germande[Coming Soon]
Hebrewhe[Coming Soon]
Hindihi[Coming Soon]
Hungarianhu[Coming Soon]
Icelandicis[Coming Soon]
Italianit[Coming Soon]
Japanese (Standalone)ja[Coming Soon]
Korean (Hangul)ko[Coming Soon]
Latvianlv[Coming Soon]
Lithuanianlt[Coming Soon]
Macedonianmk[Coming Soon]
Montenegrincnr-Cyrl[Coming Soon]
Norwegianno[Coming Soon]
Polishpl[Coming Soon]
Portuguesept[Coming Soon]
Russianru[Coming Soon]
Serbiansr-Cyrl[Coming Soon]
Spanishes[Coming Soon]
Swedishsv[Coming Soon]
Thaith[Coming Soon]
Ukrainianuk[Coming Soon]

2: Where the default script is not identified, the script information is included to avoid ambiguity.